Crafting the perfect send-off

As an experienced funeral celebrant, I am able to provide helpful eulogy writing tips for family members, friends and former colleagues of the deceased. The eulogy or tribute is the part of the service where one or several people give a short speech to praise, honour or commemorate the life of a deceased person.

The eulogy does not have to be restricted to just one person; several people may pay tribute if so desired.

eulogy does not have to be restricted

  • One person might discuss the early years

  • Another person might be a business or work acquaintance who speaks about the deceased’s career

  • Another might be a best friend who speaks about their character

  • And lastly, a son, daughter or grandchild might address the love and life lessons they received from the deceased

It is worthwhile noting that If there are several speakers you may have to be strict with their time allotment - five minutes maximum each.
Some choose to read their eulogies from a prepared script while others may prefer to speak more off-the-cuff, but either way, the following tips will help you prepare.

The Facts

To help you compose your eulogy, it’s often helpful to write out the basic biographical facts in chronological order. These details include:

The Facts

  • Where and when they were born

  • Names of parents and siblings

  • Education

  • Marriage and children

  • Career

  • Special accomplishments

  • Significant life events

"Don't cry because it's over' smile because it happened. In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years" 

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