Independent Funeral Celebrant vs Humanist

There is often a misconception that a non-religious funeral is, by definition, a humanist funeral, but there’s a bit more to it than that.

Humanist led services

Whilst humanist celebrants and independent celebrants both believe in life-centred funerals, humanism won’t generally include any hymns, prayers, readings, poems or anything mentioning religion. Moreover, humanists do not believe in any kind of afterlife, but firmly believe death is the end. The presence of a cross or any other religious object, religious music, and saying ‘Amen’ would not form part of a humanist ceremony.

Celebrant led services

By contrast, an independent celebrant embraces all philosophies and beliefs. As an independent funeral celebrant, I am always happy to construct a service which will incorporate as much or as little religious content or spirituality as is desired in order to honour the individual beliefs of the deceased and those of their family.

As an independent funeral celebrant, I am able to cater for both religious and non-religious services

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